Thursday, 17 November 2011


The latest walk of ours - a beautiful walk - was a loop of Teignhead Farm. Starting at the end of the road at Fernworthy, and taking the 20 minute amble through the plantation to Langridge Gate. The wind was much lighter than it was on our last visit here. As we neared the open moor, we glimpsed deer on the side-tracks, and through the trees, and were able to stop and watch them graze.

Upon reaching the gate, we set off South for Grey Wethers, before climbing up to Sittaford Tor. As we ascended, the morning mist cleared and the sun shone warmly. On the summit of Sittaford we sat and rested. On the hillside opposite, we saw a group already stomping up to Quintin's Man. They were to be the only other people we saw all day.
WITC was heading in a different direction though. Winneys Down was our destination, and our success letterboxing here meant our plan to extend the walk West to Kit Rocks was scrapped on the spot. Instead, it was North next to Quintins Man and Manga Hill.

We were treated to the sumptuous Autumn sunset colours on Manga Brook. With the light quickly fading we were forced to make a hasty exit from the moor, thus avoiding a torchlight forest stroll.

10 miles and 28 boxes. 15000 boxes is getting ever closer...

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Jill said...

Great photos as always WITC!