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Dartmoor has been going up in flames in recent days...

...according to the DNPA website. I'm reasonably certain that no WITC blog readers are Dartmoor Commoners with the rights to swale the moorland. However, just in case, and for the benefit of everyone else, we dedicate this blog entry to the National Park Authority's Swaling Code of Conduct.The Legal RequirementsThe burning, not only of heather and grass, but also gorse, bracken and bilberry, is controlled by the Heather and Grass, etc (Burning) Regulations 1986.Burning is only allowed between: 1 October - 15 April in upland areas. The National Park Authority recommends no burning after 31 March to prevent harm to nesting birds.Outside these dates burning is allowed only under licence issued by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA).Permission of the owner must be gained.At least 24 hours but no more than 7 days notice of intent to burn must be given in writing to the owners and occupiers of the land concerned and persons in charge of adjacent land.…

The Forest

'Gaps in forest' and moor gates. LH and RH edges. Right up there with the TV mast is another vital man-made feature seemingly purpose built for bearings. Fernworthy Forest. It is a familiar part of the skyline for much of the northern and central moor. The dark shape and sweeping curves hugging the horizon.
On our most recent walk, whoisthechallenger found themselves up close and personal with the boundaries of the forest. Its not an area overwhelmed with letterboxes, but its a great area to explore - full of hidden corners.
Our route took us to the West and South of the forest above Teignhead Farm and across the South Teign River. Climbing to White Ridge and Assycombe Hill and descending to Hurston Ridge. To our right, the rolling, hazy landscape of moorland. To our left, a 40 foot high barrier of Spruce. On a day like today - with strong winds forecast - tall, dark green walls finally given texture, movement and noise.
Owned by the State funded Forestry Commission (…