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Battle Plans Part IV

(Planning Application 0501/12, Cramber Training Area, Dartmoor National Park Authority)
As promised in last year's Integrated Rural Management Plan (see post Battle Plans III - Any clearer?), the MOD have submitted a planning application to continue using the Cramber Tor area (highlighted above) as a 'dry' military training area.  The news of the application can be found on the Dartmoor National Park Authority website.  The DNPA reports that the area "has had a number of temporary consents since the 1980s for military training. This time the MOD want a permanent planning permission" (

Reading through the application (as I have) it appears that, by and large, the MOD will continue to use the area in the same way it always has.  The last consultation (back in 2002) produced the following guidelines for training in the Cramber area:
1.  Use to continue until 3 January 2013, but with a review, to consider the results of mo…

Haytor Rocks

As we were close to the East side of the Moor, and with time to spare, we took advantage of the recent settled weather and took a short hike around Haytor Rocks and Bagtor Down.  We even indulged in the guilty pleasure of scrambling to the summit of Low Man via the steps and iron handrail on it's South-East side.

We typically would have avoided the area on a weekend, but were surprised to see just a handful of climbers roped up and picking routes up the Haytor massif opposite, and few others.

We've always enjoyed exploring the area around the Haytor Quarries, and across the road around the headwaters of the Lemon.  We found the Boxes were on site, and receiving regular visits.

With just 5 miles covered and 12 boxes found, we can't wait to spend a little longer on the moor in mid October.  Reports are suggesting that our box Rangale of Deer - Broad Down is in need of attention.  So a few walks on the North moor beckon.