Monday, 10 May 2010

Be prepared...

This weekend saw the 50th anniversary Ten Tors event take place. Massive congratulations must go out to all the competitors and event organisers.

The weather was typically challenging, but the large percentage of the teams completing the route is testiment to the good training they received, and the effort they put in.

The 55 mile routes look especially daunting. One example: Hound Tor; Chat Tor; Beardown; Staple; Hartor; Trowlesworthy; Pupers Hill; Combestone Tor; Sittaford; Shilstone Tor.

Though, strictly speaking - thats only Nine Tors and a hill, we'll definetely forgive them!

WITC spent the weekend indoors, wrapped up against the cold, the wind, and the ash. It was also chance to plan some more of our routes, including a future trip to Cranmere Pool. The closure of the ring road has made this isolated landmark as remote a spot as anywhere in England.

Much as we like it to be a challenge to reach, as Mr Perrot intended it in the 1840s, we still seek the easiest route to get there.
Base camp will be at the car park behind Scorhill Tor. After the long ascent past Manga Rock, Advance base (lunch) will be on Whitehorse Hill . Before striking for Cranmere and returning via Taw Head and Watern and Rival Tor. We'll be home in time for tea!


4 Winds said...

Was a good event this year - still chuffed to bits :-) Sounds a good cranmere route - will be running from High Down - Kitty - Great Kneeset and Cranmere returning via Black Ridge, Amicombe Brook, Rattlebrook if this weather keeps up!

Anonymous said...

Ben and I are considering a trek to Cranmere pool to get the holy grail of letterboxing stamps. Still undecided on the best route, although whichever way is going to be a major trek. Good Luck with it :-) xx