Monday, 25 October 2010


Is it Autumn? Or has Winter arrived? Autumn officially started on September 23rd (Autumn Equinox). British Summertime officially ends at 2am on Sunday, October 31st (see you at the meet!). Although Winter doesn't start until December 22nd. Last year, November was wet and warm, and December freezing cold.

What season is it? Look out the window. Yesterday, hail and thunder kept WITC at home.

On a recent walk, it was the Autumn colours which were very much in evidence. Hen Tor and the Trowlesworthys were bathed in warm light, though the air temperature was distinctly chilly.

The weather forecast suggests that the next month will be unsettled but milder than average. Spring, anyone?


Anonymous said...

You really do have some beautiful photographs :)

W.I.T.C. said...

Thank you very much Claire. It really is a stunning part of the world... M&st of Devon is!

Anonymous said...

You must introduce it to me one day! :)

W.I.T.C. said...

I'd like that very much!