Sunday, 27 June 2010

A Datum with destiny?

WITC has long been aware of the Datum poles in Okehampton Army Range. We have a map circa 1995 with them plotted on. All 13 of them.

From Datum S near New Bridge in the North to Datum W on Black Ridge in the South. From Datum D close to the Red-a-ven Head to Datum L not far from Knack Mine.

Long ago, they had a letterbox series out for them, we searched for and found them too.

The triangular topped signs are evidently part of the Moor's extensive military history. However we cannot for the life of us remember what they were designed to do. The term 'datum' suggests they are out there for navigational reasons. Possibly for callibrating distance and direction of firing.

WITC does not believe that all 13 letter based posts remain on the moor. Datum D is falling to bits, and others have fallen over. There were probably 26 in the first place! They look in a poor state of repair, so go find them before they disappear.


Peter Bank said...

They were set up in 1967 to help soldiers learn their alphabet.

What about 629 Capping stones?

Peter Bank said...

I for one cant resist the urge to prod around them poles when I pass one, we collected several of the stamps sited off them. I always enjoyed the boxes that one man and his dog sited.
Fur tor phallus anyone?

Whilst on the subject of military paraphernalia, anyone know what the purpose of 629 capping stones might be? They always baffled me & would have probably been forgotten, if i'd not noticed a broken one in high willhays cairn the other day.