Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Cranmere at last

We finally made it on our planned letterbox walk to Cranmere Pool. The weather was perfect, the terrain was excellent and the route full of finds. A good day all round.

Starting at 8am at Scorhill Tor, we rushed around the Teign Turn, and up to Manga Rock. Ahead of schedule, we slowed on our amble up to Manga Cairn. A lone deer wandered across the hillside above, it stopped at precisely the same moment WITC did. Nobody moved. Then the deer headedtowards us. WITC reached for the


With the breeze in our faces, we hadn't alerted the animal, but after a few minutes, the deer spooked, and ran off towards Teignhead Farm. These rare encounters are magical.

After a morning snack, we made our first ever visit to Raspberry
Garden, which proved very fruitful!! Climbing over Whitehorse

Hill and descending to East Dart
Head. We found ourselves suddenly behind
schedule. So we made a bee-line for Cranmere.

Having met no one else up to this point on the walk, we were

surprised to find Cranmere Pool bustling. A geocacher who had walked up from Postbridge, a couple on holiday who had walked down from Belstone. The visitor's book in the main box showed that it had received daily visits despite the treks involved.

We returned via the Hanging Stone, Watern Tor and Will May's

House. We were not, as the plan had us, home in time for tea. We were home
after sunset.

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