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Hare Tor

It has been a real treat to be on the moor twice in the past week, in conditions which could be described as perfect.  I was determined to get out a second time, and head out to Hare Tor, partly to recce the area for a future walk, and partly to recover an old box of ours.

It takes about 90 minutes to reach the western edge of the moor from Falmouth, and it was clear, as I was heading towards Lanehead car park that the low cloud and mist that greeted me would soon dissipate.

My first stop was an old 'Trotters Boxing Clever' for White Hill sited on the bank of the Willsworthy Brook.  Since this box was sited in 2009, the landowners have erected a fence effectively cordoning off White Hill.  The boundary runs North, crossing the Wallabrook and follows the contour low on Doe Tor to the existing walls of Doe Tor Farm.  There are two or three gates along it's length, but the wires are widely spaced so squeezing through is not a problem if you find yourself between gates.  As m…


"Beam: A term with mining signification.  Where this word is found on the moor a deep, open working will usually be seen."  - William Crossing
News broke on recently that the post commonly known as Cater's Beam - situated just South of Fox Tor - no longer stood upright.  Cater's Beam has long been associated with an upright railway sleeper at the North end of Black Lane peat pass.  A useful waymarker in an otherwise barren landscape.  In John Hayward's book 'Dartmoor 365', first published in 1991, a sketch of the near intact sleeper shows an inscription of 'Caters Beam'.  William Crossing, in his 1912 Guide to Dartmoor points out an age-old Ordnance Survey error, placing Cater's Beam a mile to the West of it's true location - which is the Eastern half of Naker's Hill, between Aune Head and Fishlake.
So, despite it being misnamed, mislocated, and misrepresented, hearing that a plank of wood had fell over was…

Just past New Year

The much publicised run of poor weather battering the South West kept me off the moor and away from the Fur Tor pilgrimage on new year's day.  The weather on January 2nd, was considerably better.  I haven't set foot on the moor since siting my Christmas walk on Bench Tor, and I've received a bunch of festive sets to find.  I plotted to complete two of these walks and another independent Christmas box.  
I have decided to go back to basics in 2014, and ditch the GPS for the purpose of finding letterboxes.  I'll keep it deep in my bag for emergency purposes, and when I site my own boxes.  These routes would test my skills, since all the boxes on my list had 10 figure grid references.

Off to Hollow Tor near Princetown to start.  Early gloom lifted, and the light was incredible.  A short Christmas walk which was found without fuss (and my Garmin).  It was interesting to be able to view Yellowmeade Farm's ongoing renovation.  In October, the National Park's Plannin…