Sunday, 30 November 2014

Dear Santa...

I decided to pass on the shopping frenzy that is Black Friday, now universally recognised for the supermarket scrums. Yet we are about to meet the internet equivalent: 'Cyber Monday'  The year's biggest online shopping day, with just over 3 weeks till Christmas. WITC considers what deserves to be on the list to Santa this year...

There are loads of astonishing 2015 calendars available at the moment including this one by the Ordnance Survey. Reduced to £5.29, and only available through their website.  Ordnance Survey shop

I love a gadget, and surely they don't get more gadgety than global positioning. The GPSmap 62sc, a Garmin with added 21st century stuff. Things like a 5 megapixel camera and internet connectivity.
On sale at Handtec at £227.88

If, like me, you are preparing for another very chilly letterboxing season, it was exciting to discover a revolutionary new type of handwarmer. It can be charged through the main or by USB port, and provides up to 6 hours of warmth. At £29.99, the Hot Rox isn't cheap, but it might be the only handwarmer you'll ever need.

As I have a particular fondness for the magnificent scenery of Tavy Cleave, I'll be hoping for a photographic print of the Dartmoor valley.  One from The Green Lanes Shimmer aka landscape photographer Rachel Birch perhaps:  This large signed and mounted print is available at £22.09. thegreenlanesshimmer 

For the outdoorsy people in our lives, a couple of suggestions:

What about a personalised map jigsaw? Select one of 5 map styles, including 'circa 1805' or current OS Landranger, pick a postcode to centre on, and create a unique 400-piece puzzle for your loved one  to complete this Christmas.  (Remember: Princetown's postcode is PL20 6SS!)
Reduced to £23.79 at dash4it

Plus one for the kids: The Two Blondes have written a new childrens book 'The Dartmoor Christmas Tree', beautifully illustrated by Ali Marshall. If you haven't heard of the authors, the Two Blondes are the pair behind Nominee for the TGO Outdoor Blog of the year 2014.
The book is available at for £6.99

Happy shopping everyone!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Tuesday, November 12th 2014

A set of 12 cat stamps in the Lyd Valley was my target for my last trip to the moor.  After years of searching for and finding letterbox stamps dedicated to dogs, it was unusual, but not at all unwelcome to spend the day searching for a series of cats.  

The weather was showery, but not cold.  The wind was forecast to be strong, but was not bearing inhibitive.  I parked at Nodden gate, as the farmers were bringing sheep off the moor near the (now very closed) Dartmoor Inn, and car entry was a no-no.  The track, for your information, behind the Fox and Hounds pub has become rutted and must be treated with care when driving.

The boxes were relatively easy to find, and followed the well known path up the river, then back further up he hillside, taking in all the features along the way.  Autumn sunshine lent the scene a warm glow, and eventually, even Great Links appeared from out of the gloom too.