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Home at last

Some 8 months after relocating to Cornwall, contracts have finally been exchanged on my new house.  With Dartmoor now just over an hour away from home, I am looking forward to being on the Moor far more often.
Imagine, if you can, my surprise when a new property came on to the market:  Rundlestone Pump House near Princetown.  This petite, gabled building was only built in the 1990s.  South West Water are now selling the block, plus the 0.4 acres it resides in.  Unlike Parsons Cottage, which I reported for sale in a blog post in January (Just Past New Year), the Pump House is Freehold, so nothing is owed to the Duchy.  At just £75,000, I could become a Cornish 2nd home owner...
The Pump House is in a desperate condition though.  There are pictures of it's run-down interior, and damaged exterior on the estate agent website.  Property Information via Bradleys Estate Agents

Switched off

2014 is a 'back-to-basics year for me.  That is, when it comes to GPS.  I have considered it in the past, but it was time to finally commit myself to switching the Garmin off, and get back to the good 'ol days of sighting compass only.  The journey so far, only 4 walks into my digital detox, have been quite interesting.  It has made me think about the origins of letterboxing with a GPS too.
Throughout the 1990's, Dartmoor Letterboxing was booming.  People from across the world were discovering the joys of the hobby.  The Meets, and the Moor were crowded.  The Letterbox catalogue, and supplementary updates were positively bursting with new boxes.  This was a fine time to be searching for boxes, were it not for one thing.  The searching.  Compasses of suspect quality, accuracy and reliability were being sought from everywhere and anywhere.  Mirrored, sighting compasses, map compasses.  Hand-me downs, army surplus shops, Christmas crackers...  There was a general understandi…