Saturday, 26 January 2013

Going, going, gone!

These 2 panoramic images are of the same view looking North from Goadstone Pond on the B3212.  Taken 2 days apart (Thursday 24th, and Saturday 26th January 2013) during the recent thaw.

Its been over a month since Christmas, so it was high time that the WITC Christmas walk was brought in.  I can confirm that the walk is now off Dartmoor - please delete your clues for this walk.  Many thanks for all your support with this Festive series.  I was delighted to find all the boxes on site, and just 2 of the stamps loose from their backing, but certainly not un-stampable.

Apologies to all those who got their feet wet on the splash across Walkhampton Common between boxes 5 and 6.  I had no idea the area got that wet, and I wasn't going to 'wade' back across the common to resite it!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow go

Photo c/o Jonathan Gisbon

Whoischallenger is preparing to spend some time down on Dartmoor next week.  Our Christmas walk is in need of removing, and we have plenty of letterbox walks to do.  One certainty though, as long as the weather remains icy and snowy, we won't we camping.  Not like the travelling community who have just taken over the car park at Cadover Bridge near Shaugh Prior (pictured above).  The National Park Authority have applied for a court order to have the 50 or so travellers removed.

Hope the snow is gone by next week though.  The forecast isn't great though...

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Advance to Go (and collect $200)

Santa brought us an incredible and unique present this Christmas.  A personalised Monopoly board with the property squares filled by Dartmoor tors, towns and landmarks!  With the Moor's combination of railway stations, water works and hotels, there is no shortage of sites perfect to convert to Monopoly sites.

The "fast-dealing property trading game" has resulted in some great purchases of des-res's in perfect locations, but WITC notes another real life property worthy of a Dartmoor monopoly board:  Tavistock Railway Station.  With a price-tag of at least £1.25 million, this is worthy of the Mayfair square.  It is a truly stunning site to own though.  Grade II listed, with 3 five-star holiday cottages, this is more than a house - it is a business opportunity.

You might have seen the property on TV, when then the current sellers developed it on Channel 4's show 'Property Snakes and Ladders' in 2008.  Beautifully decorated, and in a spectacular position in the West Dartmoor town.  Estate agent Fine & Country's brochure is here.

Whether you'll have any say, as owner, in the plans for the re-opening of the Plymouth to Tavistock railway line is another matter!