Snow go

Photo c/o Jonathan Gisbon

Whoischallenger is preparing to spend some time down on Dartmoor next week.  Our Christmas walk is in need of removing, and we have plenty of letterbox walks to do.  One certainty though, as long as the weather remains icy and snowy, we won't we camping.  Not like the travelling community who have just taken over the car park at Cadover Bridge near Shaugh Prior (pictured above).  The National Park Authority have applied for a court order to have the 50 or so travellers removed.

Hope the snow is gone by next week though.  The forecast isn't great though...


Jill said…
We haven't had a single flake here! Although I did see some only a mile or so away yesterday!
4 Winds said…
I would have thought a young lad like you would jump at the chance for a bit of snowy adventure!

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