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Challenge 9: ✔️ Achieved


I think this counts as an ongoing achieve.  I want to thank everyone who has already purchased a copy of my Caves & Tunnels of Dartmoor charity walk.  My mother and I attended the Autumn Meet on Sunday and we were overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness shown by Letterboxers.

In addition to the walk, I had some surplus and new Letterbox pots and clip-lock boxes which I offered - for a small charitable donation - at the Meet.  Obviously, I will continue to maintain the walk to the highest possible standards and I will post any news updates on this blog, as best I can.
I will also report back (probably in March) on how much the charity walk raises too.  I seem to recall this information being fairly normal, broadcast in the last Letterbox update before the Meets.  This is no longer the case - reasons unknown.  Thanks again to everyone for your support with this walk!

Caves & Tunnels - A tour

I figured that a bit of information about the selected Caves and Tunnels used as part of my Charity Walk wouldn't go amiss.  The lucky 13 chosen are just some of the far higher number on the Moor.  A few of those I picked are perhaps a little obscure, so here's the run-down.
No.1 - Potato Cave Where?  For the image, I used the Potato cave close to Combeshead Farm, near Down Tor.   What?  Many old Dartmoor Farms had potato caves - man made caves, dug into areas of soft, decaying granite, and used for the storage of potatoes or more... ahem... illicit produce.
No.2 - Grenofen Tunnel Where? Grenofen, between Horrabridge and Tavistock. What?  Designed and built by esteemed engineer, 'Greatest Briton' candidate and South West England fan, Isambard Kingdom Brunel in 1859.  Grenofen Tunnel is about 0.2 miles long, and formed part of Brunel's Devon and Tavistock Railway.  Renovated using EU cash in 2011, it is now is an important landmark on the Drake's Trail, a national cyc…

The Caves & Tunnels of Dartmoor

'The Caves & Tunnels of Dartmoor' is the title of my latest Letterboxing project: a Charity Walk sited this month, and out on the Moor until the end of March 2018.
I have never sited a charity Letterbox walk, so the whole experience so far has been fascinating.  Let me explain.  I had a desire to do some good.  To raise some cash for a charity which does work on Dartmoor.  I had an idea for a set of interesting boxes.  I have a passion for the environment and conservation.  It seemed obvious to choose a wildlife charity, and Mid Devon Bat Rescue - based near North Tawton - stood out.  This charity is run by volunteers, helping lost, injured or orphaned bats.  It's large enough to care for a significant proportion of Dartmoor (a line from about Tavistock to Newton Abbot northwards in fact) yet small enough that funds raised by a charity walk will make a real, tangible difference.
My caves and tunnels themed stamps were suitably appropriate.  Kari, who runs the charity …