Saturday, 7 August 2010

Crossing Great Grimpen Mire

Our most recent letterbox walk took us to the widest, deepest, most notorious marsh on the moor. A bog which encompasses the River Strane and River Swincombe and numerous other streams.

Fox Tor Mire is believed to have been the inspiration for the Great Grimpen Mire in 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' and it's boggy depths have been rumoured to be responsible for taking lives of livestock, unwary tourists and escaped prisoners.

WITC have never crossed the Mire by the path or bridge marked on some OS maps, though we heard stories of guides who led the way, since the track is not straight and probably not that well travelled. Our route took us on a large loop of the Mire instead, heading downstream from Whiteworks, across the Swincombe and up to Mount Misery Cross. Then down to Fox Tor and Childes Tomb and returning to the car park via Goldsmiths Cross and Sunshine Corner, just skirting the Mire to the South and West.

The crosses make ideal destinations to stop and pause. As with so much on Dartmoor, they are things of legend and belief.
Whilst no one knows the origin or true purpose of any of these crosses.
They have been re-erected, repaired and - in the case of Goldsmiths Cross - discovered, re-erected and dedicated to its discoverer.
Another successful letterbox walk. 29 boxes found.

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