Sunday, 1 August 2010

The Roof Of Devon

Last week WITC returned to the highest ground in Southern England. The weather was typical for our visits up here. We choose our days to be still, dry and sunny (As a lot of people do).

Yet we suffer the same consequences every time. Flies, haze and crowds. We have yet to enjoy the solitude of Yes Tor's summit to ourselves, or see Exmoor, or the North coast of Devon, or of Wales, which is said to be seen from up here. The flies which feast on the remnants of hundreds of lunches taken on High Willhays are equally unwelcome.

These high peaks are most impressive when approached from the North. Distinctly visible from Great Torrington, it explains our disappointment at the views - or lack of them from the summit.

WITC endeavours to be more adventurous next time we plot a walk up to High Willhays and will consider rain, fog, snow, night-time or gales as potential weather conditions. Lets see...

Still, the views down to the West Okement and across to Cosdon are unmatched whatever the conditions.

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