Thursday, 29 July 2010

New found wilderness

The closure of the Okehampton Ring Road some 10 months ago has had one significant effect on Dartmoor.
The most remotest spot has moved. Previously, the furthest you could get from road, car park or inhabited house was between Cut Hill and Fur Tor on the North Moor - some 3-and-a-half miles from civilisation.

Now the Southern End of Black Ridge Peat Pass near Little Kneeset takes the wilderness honour. It can claim to be the milestone of 4 miles from human influence. This, on our tiny, crowded isles is some achievement. Its not a pretty or memorable spot to visit, but you'd have to travel North well over the Scottish border to be more distant from modern life.


4 Winds said...

It's a lovely spot. Outside skylark season the silence is stunning

Jill said...

Just loved that area.