Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Cut to the chase

On the website, in response to my post regarding Cut Hill, Steve Trevaskus kindly responded to say that the hill is positively alive with boxes. He refers of course to a decade old series of 'Legends on Dartmoor' boxes with clues referring to range poles twice removed.

You would have forgiven me for having destroyed
those clues, and not bothered ever searching, wouldn't you?

However, there seems to have been a recent see-change towards a re-release of believed long lost WOM boxes.

WITC are in possession of 3 different letterboxer's clues which require finding on behalf of the owner. Some dating back to 1994. Its been fun searching for them actually. There is no GPS to make things easy. There is the added challenge of the decrease in magnetic North over time. WITC has always loved being the first visitor to a box in a few years, and had some success with the old cluesheets we've received, so maybe we should check out Cut Hill again...

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