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End of season clearance

While I was on Whitehorse Hill the other week, I took pity on an abandoned artefact.  Not a part cut millstone, or forgotten granite trough, but an old tin that was more Litterbox than Letterbox.  All that was immediately visible in a collapsed section of bank was a broken, rusty ammunition tin.  Inside, a plastic ice cream tub with a few damp, unreadable pages of a once full visitors book.  No stamp, and no identifying marks on any part was to be seen.

I was left in no doubt that this old timer needed removal.  The fact that it had not already been removed was possibly due to its weight and size.  I don't carry a large rucksack so I did have to repack all my belongings to make room inside.  As stated in previous posts (such as "Merry Christmas" - Dec 2012), I am no box thief, but I do like responsible behaviour when it comes to damaged boxes.  If they cannot be repaired on the hill, and it's condition has deteriorated to such an extend that it is a hazard, eyesore o…

New clues: The Depths of Winter




No.4   (Contains visitors book)





This series has now been removed from the Moor.

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Hangingstone Hill and surrounds

The mist was thick, the temperature low.  That I'd found the Tor at all without a GPS was something of a miracle, and the walk had taken a little longer than usual. Hopes that I'd rise above the cloud up here were dashed, and instead of looking out on the glorious vista that I remember, I could only see the far side of the outcrop.  As Letterboxing goes, these first 2 hours had frankly been a disappointment.  The one box that I could search for, given its limited clue - was missing.

I decided to cut my losses and head for Hangingstone Hill.  If the mist were clear, and the sun was to shine (as forecasts led me to believe would eventually happen), it would start at the highest point.

I crossed Watern Combe and headed West for the track between Wild Tor and high Hill's summit hut.  I stumbled on a letterbox and my day improved a bit.  As I reached the track and set off South, I glimpsed patches of snow.  My day improved a touch more.  I could handle a patch of snow.  Then t…