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Challenge 2: ✔️ Achieved

Godfrey Swinscow is 98 today.  A hugely impressive age for a gentleman and a legend, Godfrey is surely the Godfather of modern Letterboxing.  I visited him earlier this afternoon in his care home near Dartmouth to wish him a Happy Birthday.  I took with me a birthday card stamped by over 100 Letterboxers who attended Sunday's Meet at Lee Moor (massive thanks to you all!).  
Back in the early 1980s, the National Park authority considered the eradication of this cheeky and unmannerly, if rather infant hobby.  Godfrey was on hand to save Letterboxing, with the creation of the 100 club, and introduction of a code of conduct for siting boxes, and a system of Letterbox registration.  The Park Authority were appeased, and Letterboxing is seen today as an attractive feature of Dartmoor by the DNPA, who call it "a great way to introduce children and young people to the joys of exploring Dartmoor and improve navigational skills".

Challenging the challenger

So this year of Letterboxing challenges: what's in store?  (Besides the completed first challenge of removing Upland Trotter 'Litterboxes'?)
Well, I am certain about a few, cautious about some more, and have no idea on a couple.  I'd love to share some of the challenges I do have planned though.  These include using Letterboxing to raise money for a local charity, completing a two day Letterbox expedition, restoration of an 'original' Dartmoor Letterbox, and plans afoot for siting a couple of my own Letterbox series.

I see a rebirth for the Dartmoor Letterbox catalogue in my house, some recognition of a few Letterbox pioneers too, plus an introduction to Letterboxing to a brand new (if rather young) Dartmoor Letterboxer!
I'm really looking forward to this year.  It should be a good one!