Friday, 31 October 2014

Creepy goings on

Happy Halloween!

In the darkness, a noise.  A shuffling.  Silence again.  Suddenly shadows moved and scurried to one side, then the other..  Then to the boot of the car, which I closed and then locked.

After my longest separation from the moor of the year, by the end of October, I was raring to go.  Clock change weekend of course means the Letterbox Meet at Lee Moor.  Although I was eager to attend (I missed April's Meet) last minute work commitments inevitably prevented this again.

However I was able to complete a short route around Top Tor and Pil Tor.  A few word-of-mouth series have been sited here in the past few months, yet the area is frequently overlooked in favour of higher, more distant spots.  Parking at Hemsworthy Cross, and heading straight for the summit of Top Tor, I wasn't surprised to see several day-trippers resting leaward side of the outcrops, keeping out of the chill wind.  The views were breathtaking in all directions, particularly up the Webbern valley between Hameldown and Chinkwell Tor.  Banks of cloud send short showers in from the West, but as I descended to Hollow Tor and the lesser visited Tunhill Rocks, the sun started to shine, warming the scene.  By the time I reached the cairn at Whitaburrow, a warm Autumn glow was in full effect.

Boxes were being found thick and fast.  I met the Stamping Staggs and compared notes (not clues!).  The area's proximity to the car parks belies its boxing opportunities.  Poor Emily had clearly been a victim of the letterbox thief before, and prepared her new letterbox for the worst.

12 boxes found, and a truly enjoyable return to the moor for Autumn.