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Hemerdon Tungsten Mine & Crownhill Down

WITC notes news breaking just South of Dartmoor this week:  Australian mining firm Wolf Minerals have confirmed they have successfully secured funding to start work on the £130 million Tungsten project at Hemerdon Mine.  The mine lies close to  Dartmoor Zoo, South of Crownhill Tor and Lee Moor.  Though the story is hardly a surprise, and even the relief road has been completed in expectation of this news.  
The villagers of Hemerdon have also been waiting a long time for this news. Wolf Minerals first stated their intentions nearly 30 years ago! The village lies in an area of Devon - a region of Britain - with a long history of mining. Hemerdon Tungsten Mine originally opened in the early 20th century, and after closing after WW2, the area was subject to further exploratory work in the 1950s and 1980s.
The mine is now expected to commence extraction of tin and tungsten in 2015. Demand for tungsten  is rising, and supplies are becoming limited to more and more difficult locations, m…

Ten Tors & Jubilee Challenge 2013

Its that time of the year again!  Ten Tors 2013 takes place this weekend.

Please take care using your camp stoves now!  This after the recent headline:
100 firefighters attend massive blaze near Chat Tor.  Ten Tor's Director Brigadier Piers Hankinson has concluded that the fire risk is 'Red' despite this week's rain.  The green shoots are yet to appear, leaving tinder dry dead grass moor-wide.

This weekend we should also consider the 300-or-so participants of the Jubilee Challenge.  Celebrating it's 35th anniversary this year, the Jubilee Challenge is open to teenagers with physical or educational disabilities.  Entrants take on one of 4 routes of between 7.5 miles and 15 miles across North Dartmoor over a single day, dealing with the same pressure and conditions as the Ten Tor'ers.

This is a truly incredible event: offering a test for groups and individuals who face challenges every day of their lives.  The objectives of the Jubilee Challenge are to develop pe…