Sunday, 29 May 2011

Down, but not out

Contrary to popular belief, we are still letterboxing. We are just finding the fickle weather itself, a Challenger.

This weekend, our walk took us out to Down Ridge from Sherberton Farm, near Hexworthy.

As we trudged our way up towards Ter Hill, we turned to watch the fog and low cloud which has held up our routes of recent, suddenly lift, as though it were just waiting for us. The entire panorama revealed itself before us, from South Hessary to Rippon Tor. Even the sun came out, and in Deep Swincombe, the North Westerly wind wasn't in evidence. Forced to shed our waterproofs and warm head gear, it could almost have been Summer!
The whole route was no more than just 3 or 4 miles, after we chose the shorter letterbox walk instead of a planned longer trek 'up North'. On this walk, we discovered two first-in-books, which were particularly pleasing, and almost everything we searched for was on site and in good condition. If you believe some stories, we are bucking the trend by finding boxes unaffected by the letterbox thief.

However our good fortune didn't last beyond lunchtime when the fog rolled in again, the wind picked up and we were forced to return to the car. Unfortunately, despite the Bank Holiday weekend, Hexworthy's Forest Inn stuck rigidly to its regular opening (read: closing) hours, and for the um-teenth time, we missed out on collecting this Pub box...