Monday, 11 June 2012

New clues: A rangale of deer

I'm proud to release my latest clues: A rangale of deer.  A rangale is a collective noun meaning a rabble or mob.  This rangale are all located in the East Dart valley between Postbridge and Kit Steps.  It can be completed in a circular walk with one river crossing.  Please take care after heavy rain!  

Broad Down   Deleted

East Dart   Deleted

Cowflop Bottom  Deleted

Flat Tor  Deleted

Broad Marsh  Deleted

Sandy Hole Pass  Deleted

Lade Hill     Deleted

Stannon Tor   Deleted

Hartland Tor  Deleted

These boxes have been removed from the moor now.

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We Like A Challenge said...

We decided to try out this Letterboxing thingie and set off to try to find some of these cles..After a wrangle with the Gorse bush we fixed on heading for the Hartland Tor box, quickly we found the spot seems we may be naturals at this, however sadly it seems to have moved. We are certain it was the right spot, the undergrowth was marked as if something had been sat there for a while but is now gone! Disapointed we rolled off the moor without our first Letterbox stamp.