Monday, 18 October 2010

If I owned a tor...

Ah, If I owned a Dartmoor tor.... I stand on top, survey my land and.. well, thats about all I could do with it.

I could stick a Vixen Tor style fence round the thing and hammer in a No Entry sign.
I could dismantle it and sell it for profit piece by piece. However I think the Duchy of Cornwall might have something to say about these suggestions. Personally I'd be happy just to sit and stare at it feeling the immense responsibility of a billion tonnes of back garden.
So could you if you want to splash out on Headland Warren Farm near Postbridge (pictured). Birch Tor is incorporated in the property. Estate Agent Jackson, Stops and Staff call the Farm, on the market at a knock-down £675,000, a "unique moorland paradise". You get a lot for your money too: 2 adjoining 2 bedroomed self-catering cottages, Vitifer Mine and Bennetts Cross, stables and nearly 600 acres of land,a thatched home, newly refurbished throughout, and a whole load of history. Since it was previously advertised at £800,000, WITC will hang on to it's cash a little longer, wait for them to drop further then haggle furiously.

I will get my tor.

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4 Winds said...

Got a bit of a soft spot for round that way. Would be cool to go for a run on your own land!