Saturday, 2 October 2010

Saturday, October 2nd 2010

After yesterday's torrential rainfall, we took full advantage of the good weather on the moors today. We'd had plans to visit Hameldown for some time, and finally had the chance to go.

Starting at Firth Bridge, only slightly concerned about the patchy mist we set off towards Hookney Tor and then Grimspound. We shared the lay by with a few other walkers, but it seemed the foggy start had made many hesitate.
Up to the trig point on Hameldown and down the ridge passing Broad, Single, Two Burrows and up to the summit of Hameldown Beacon to enjoy the sunshine which had descended on the day.
Following the line of the Beech Hedge down before crossing the ridge and turning North near Old House Boundary Stone. We stopped to help a sheep stuck in a narrow trench atthe head of the valley below Broad Burrow and then continued on to Blue Jug and Grey Wether and the swollen Webbern River. The moors were sodden after the recent rains. The Rivers Plym and Dart which we had passed in the car first thing, had water lapping their high banks.
After a less than successful jaunt around the two colourful boundary stones, we ventured on to King Tor where even less success was endured, when we ran out of cluesheet and returned to the car. 18 found today, with 12 miles covered. All together, a satisfactory result.

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