Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Wednesday, October 6th 2010

Have you been to Bellever recently? The Forestry Commision are in charge here. The village is neat and tidy and the YHA looks substantial and organised. Pay & Display car parking, 'Explore Bellever Forest' leaflets to take away, waymarked trails... it appears they trying very hard to create a real attraction in the centre of Dartmoor.

On the whole, it appears a successful operation. The East Dart River at this point looks amazing as it passes beneath the 1-and-a-half bridges, and Bellever Tor - a short stroll from the car park - enjoys one of the best 360 panoramas in the National Park.

It was this area we wandered today. Beginning the route at Bellever village Pay & Display car park, and winding South to Dunnabridge Pound and Judges Chair, then North to Riddon Ridge, with Laughter and Bellever Tors between. 10 miles and 20 boxes found. It is certainly not a frequently letterboxed area with some boxes absent of visitors for a year or so.

Our route involved more than it's fare share of gravel plantation tracks. Upon which we met more than their fare share of day walkers. WITC stopped on one of these tracks to survey the view over the village and beyond to the site of last Saturday's letterbox walk: Hameldown.

The stronger Southerly wind is picking up, and the weather forecast suggests our week of walks might hit the buffers before long. Hopefully we will be out again tomorrow for a short walk at least. A one-square-wonder.

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John Churchley said...

Lovely picture of the clapper bridge and forestry cottages in the back. Real shame there have been plans submitted to ruin the outlook with one of the properties asking to extend means they will no longer be symmetrical and diminish the view as it will be a precedent for others to follow

Application Number: 0651/14