Thursday, 7 October 2010

Thursday, October 7th 2010

As predicted, the weather was poor. As we drove up towards Cold East Cross from Ashburton, it was clear that the cloud was low and a stiff wind was blowing. Regular bearing Rippon Tor was not visible, and the temperature was low.

So far as one grid square-wonders go, it is very difficult to match Buckland Beacon. Even if you find no boxes, it is a fantastic viewpoint, whilst still generally avoiding the worst of the weather. Fortunately within a couple of hours of walking, the cloud lifted and the sun started to shine. It is well known that this area is popular with Ashburton's dog walkers, but WITC was surprised to meet a group of Geological Surveyors out here. Clipboards and pens out checking out the rocks. They still showed more curiousity in letterboxing than your typical member of the public.

We sheltered against the main bulk of the Beacon for a break. On the leeward side we had a great view of last Saturday's destination: the great ridge of Hameldown. On the summit here, the Ten Commandment Stones appeared to have undergone restoration. On the rock above the 1935 Silver Jubilee gathering is commemorated. Fires have been lit here for many historically significant purposes since at least the 16th century.

The return walk to the car was made substantially easier by the recent scrub clearance on the opposite side of the wall to the beacon. 3 miles and 11 boxes found.

Our week of walks might come to an abrupt end now. October's usually fickle weather has been kind to us so far and hopefully we'll get one more route in this weekend.

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