Thursday, 30 November 2017

Challenge 10: ✔️ Achieved


I have made no secret of the excitement and enjoyment I've found on Bodmin Moor during my last few Letterboxing adventures to the area (here, here and here).  So now I have finally found an opportunity to site my own box there.

Finding a precise location to site a box, or choosing a subject to immortalise in embossing stamp isn't tough.  I decided on the River Fowey.  One of Cornwall's most important rivers.   This meandering river drains the Colliford and Siblyback reservoirs.  It passes Golitha Falls, Lanhydrock House, Lostwithiel and (obviously) Trago Mills.  It is a river rich in fish, military history, and gorgeous riverside walks.

But the River Fowey's source, on Bodmin Moor, seemed an obvious choice for a Letterbox.

Beginning my walk at a disturbingly deep ford on the road at Bowithick, near Altarnun, my short stroll took place on a day where hail, sleet, ice and snow were genuinely threatened.  The Atlantic Cornish climate intervened however, and it was cold but dry.

It turns out that Buttern Hill on Bodmin Moor and Buttern Hill, Dartmoor have much in common.  It is an unexplored peak, out to the East of high ground.  Generally under-rated, and devoid of Letterboxes.  Someone of importance was buried in the impressive kistvaen on Cornwall Buttern Hill's summit. It is provided with a great far-reaching views.  Brown Willy and Rough Tor dominate the view to the West, and Dartmoor distant to the East.  The Davidstow cheese factory sits unmistakably to the North.

A great spot was found overlooking the Fowey's headwaters. This Letterbox by-the-way, will remain on site indefinitely.  The clue is as follows:

Source of the River Fowey   SX 17 81
Catshole Tor 186.5.  HP Brown Willy 219.5.  HP Rough Tor 252.  Fence corner & forest edge in line 281.5. LHS large oblong boulder resting on another rock 322. Flat-faced, triangular rock, at bottom of clitter stream is 28p away on 033.  Under rounded, moss-speckled rock leaning on another, vegetation covered rock.

Friday, 24 November 2017