Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Risk to New Waste car parking

I have sent the following letter to Alison Kohler, Director at Dartmoor National Park Authority via her direct email address -  Feel free to copy and send it yourself.  I believe that losing access to New Waste car park is easily comparable to losing parking at OP15 on the Okehampton Military road and should it not be put at risk.  I for one don't fancy the epic walk to Bledge Brook from the Cornwood Inn and back!  More news as I get it!

Dear Mrs Kohler,

I write to you regarding the impending closure of car parking facilities at New Waste, North East of Cornwood (SX 625 612). I understand that discussions between the DNPA and the landowner are ongoing. However, whilst the right of way will remain in place, the current agreement to use the public car park ceases on 24 June 2014.

I believe that this move is not simply inconvenient to car owners, but represents yet another blow for those who wish to gain access to Dartmoor. One must only look at the closure of the Okehampton Military road, the restrictions on the shoreline of Meldon Reservoir, and all the access lanes that are falling into disrepair. For these reasons, it is vital that vehicle access is retained. The nearest alternative car parking is in Cornwood, over a mile away. As a regular Moor user myself, I cannot overstate the importance of the New Waste car park. It opens up the moor around the upper Yealm river, Stall Down and the West bank of the Erme to all moor users for enjoyment and relaxation.

As Director of Conservation and Communities with responsibility for access and recreation on Dartmoor, I urge you, and the DNPA land managers and decision makers to support and maintain car parking at New Waste and prevent its use being restricted.  Please can you also reassure me that retaining vehicle access to the moor remains of high importance to the National Park Authority.

Yours sincerely


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Jill said...

Is this a slow creeping policy of the DPA to stop people from enjoying the moor?