Going, going, gone!

These 2 panoramic images are of the same view looking North from Goadstone Pond on the B3212.  Taken 2 days apart (Thursday 24th, and Saturday 26th January 2013) during the recent thaw.

Its been over a month since Christmas, so it was high time that the WITC Christmas walk was brought in.  I can confirm that the walk is now off Dartmoor - please delete your clues for this walk.  Many thanks for all your support with this Festive series.  I was delighted to find all the boxes on site, and just 2 of the stamps loose from their backing, but certainly not un-stampable.

Apologies to all those who got their feet wet on the splash across Walkhampton Common between boxes 5 and 6.  I had no idea the area got that wet, and I wasn't going to 'wade' back across the common to resite it!


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