Sunday, 17 February 2013

The camera doesn't lie

I live a long way from Dartmoor.  Too far.  The Solent shoreline typically receives a mild, occasionally blowy mix of settled weather.  Very much unlike the frequent wet and windy assortment experienced in the South West.  Portsmouth is neither South West nor South East.  We are almost halfway along the South coast, and forecasts rarely accurately describe our location well :(
Good day for a walk, bad day for a walk.  You decide.

Our climate is even less like the cold, misty and often stormy offerings provided on the moors.  Metoffice forecasts for Princetown are hit and miss.  Therefore I am often very thankful for an up-to-date view of Dartmoor conditions.  A veritable eye in the Dartmoor sky: Dartcam.

Dartcam is operated by Dartcom - a weather satellite and ground sensing equipment manufacturer located at Powdermills near Two Bridges.  The old 19th century gunpowder factory buildings accommodate numerous other operations including a Team building and outdoor pursuit organiser, a £15 per night bunkhouse and the famous Powdermills Pottery.  Powdermills is the home and workplace of potter Joss Hibbs.  You can read Joss's blog at the following link:

On our most recent trip to Dartmoor found Dartcom, and the surrounding moor under several inches of snow.  We should have seen it coming...

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Jill said...

Dartmoor has its own weather!!