Thursday, 21 December 2017

Challenge 11: ✔️ Achieved


Here we go then!

whoisthechallenger's Christmas Tree Walk

Statts Bridge 670 804  Spruce Tree 148˚ and 35p away.  LHE Statts Bridge 282˚  RH vis pt Statts Bridge 287˚  Post on Water Hill skyline 007.5˚  Birch Tor RH outcrop 062.5˚  Box in top of tussock, on top of S bank of dry leat, 1p from gap through bank.  

West Cottages  671 805  Box 1p NE of twin-trunked holly tree.  HP of gorse on roadside at E end of West Cottages ruin 027˚  Centre of tree in Statts Bridge clue 226˚  Tall post on Water Hill 353˚  Birch Tor RH outcrop 062.5˚  Box plugged in centre of grassy tussock.    

Walla Brook  673 805  Box on S side of 10ft hawthorn tree, plugged in roots.  The tree is 14p below the dry leat, on edge of bracken.  RH chimney on Inn 013.5˚  Gate in wall on opposite side of brook 134.5˚  Bellever Tor gap 216˚  Warren House Inn signpost 341.5˚.  

Vitifer Tin Mine  674 807  Box immediately below (and about 4p from) spruce tree.  Box hidden behind rock, under heather, in bank.  Next nearest vis tree 022˚  Birch Tor RH outcrop 065.5˚  Wall goes over Challacombe Down 102.5˚  Soussons forest goes over hill (just vis) 152˚  

Warren House Inn 672 808  Box 3p NE from reedy hollow: filled (oddly) with fir tree branches.  Box plugged behind small stone, low down on N end of mossy mound.  LH chimney on Inn 070˚  Road goes over hill 042.5˚  Wall goes over Challacombe Down  106.5˚  Warren House Inn signpost 195˚  LHE of circular enclosure 225˚ and very approx 10p away.  

Water Hill  669 808  Box in hole behind trunk of rowan tree (?) on S bank of reedy, mossy gully.  Water filled hollow/gully junction 11p away.  Road goes over hill 225˚  Higher White Tor 245.5˚  From top of bank above box: LH vis pt Statts Bridge 207˚  Forest wall goes over hill 310.  

Caroline Farm  668 809  Box in roots of toppled holly tree in gully.  Obvious slab at top of gully 047˚ and 18p away.  From top of bank where tree once stood: Gateway at Caroline Farm 001.5˚  Tree in Water Hill clue 133˚  RHE Statts Bridge 195˚  Road goes over hill 217˚  Centre of nearby spruce 299˚  (Contains visitors book)

This walk will be on site until late February 2018.  Missing boxes will not be replaced.

I'll be back with the twelfth and final Challenge in January!  I'd like to wish all my blog readers a very Merry Christmas!

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