Spring is in the air

Spring has sprung. The flowers are beginning to bloom, the lambs are bouncing around, and the long cold Winter seems but a distant memory.

The Met Office say that the Winter of 2009/10 was the coldest in a decade and the snowiest in 18 years. Not letterboxing weather, by any means! WITC managed just 2 letterbox walks in the past 4 months due to poor weather. We did get out for some photos of the snowy conditions though... See the images of Cox Tor, and Yar Tor from Laughter Tor's slopes below.

This week, we're told, will see our warmest day of the year so far - Wednesday will see 23 deg C in some city centres. Last Saturday, the thermometer topped 16C on Dartmoor - a 2010 high.

Who is the challenger enjoyed the weekend at Down and Combeshead Tors. The last time we were here, the bracken was head height, and with several letterboxes missing, the whole walk was a big disappointment in the incessant drizzle which fell.

This time around, in glorious sunshine, charity walk on site and bracken invisible, we reached a total of 28 boxes for the day. Well impressed.

The first days of April 2010 were snowy. On the whole though its been a dry month. Which has been welcome. However...

The 10 driest Aprils the last 100 years have resulted in 9 of the wettest Summers of the last 100 years. Most recently in 2007, with the devastating floods (Tewkesbury and all).

I cling to the forecast of 'Positive Weather Solutions', who promise us that this year, we really WILL have a barbeque Summer.

Fingers crossed.


4 Winds said…
Like the wintry shot. Nice to see Dartmoor photos which have been spared the photoshop treatment!

Lovely shots....can't wait to experience Dartmoor in the snow for myself :-)

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