Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Out with the old?

Thanks to a bout of sickness, excess Wintry weather, and other commitments, WITC has been anywhere but Dartmoor recently.

We did squeeze out on a walk recently from Pork Hill. Up to the Staple Tors and Roos Tor returning via Merrivale Quarry. It is an area of the Moor which is ever so familiar to us. For this reason we have a strange not-so-pleasant relationship with it. A kind of novelty-worn-off-long-ago, unexciting kind of familiarity that makes us kind of ashamed and embarrassed to admit it. There are many places on Dartmoor we have prefer to visit, are yet to visit, with hidden corners to search and distant peat banks to prod. Suffice to say, it has been a long time since we enjoyed the Staple Tors.

Perhaps we are being little harsh on the Walkham valley. WITC have maybe overdone it, BUT the views here are tremendous looking both East and West, and the local hostelry is excellent. In the curious Sett Makers Bankers, there no shortage of unique antiquities. The going is comparatively easy and you never come off the moor disappointed by the quantity of boxes found (though quality can be an issue sometimes, perhaps??)

We also were dismayed to see a Geocache hidden in a Sett Makers Banker. No, we didn't remove it., but thats a whole different discussion.

Our route ended with a well earned drink at the Dartmoor Inn. 23 boxes found.

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4 Winds said...

I know what you mean - that bit of the moor is too familiar sometimes so I tend to run it at night. Still got a soft spot for Great Mis Tor and the curve of that enclosure wall (steeper than it looks when running!)