Monday, 23 July 2012

A sneaky peek

WITC notes with interest the sale of another iconic Dartmoor house:  Pew Tor Cottage, near Merrivale.  This 6-bedroomed property has a unique situation amongst small Dartmoor properties, in that it is surrounded by access land (and probably letterboxes) right up to it's four boundaries.  High hedges provide the residents with seclusion, and the proximity from the top of the Pew Tor prevents prying eyes.  So the brochure attached to the property listing (accessible via Rightmove: here) gives a rare glimpse into the home and gardens.

The sales information suggests that the house was built in the late 18th century, with many original character features.  It has an acre of land including an ornamental pond and - although it needs upgrading - a swimming pool too.

The square shaped, wooded family retreat is on the market now for £675,000 from Tavistock agent Ward and Chowan.

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