Thursday, 14 November 2013

From the top, down.

As promised, the Summer set - the Heights of Summer - needed retrieving.  The weather on Tuesday was superb.  The early cloud drifted off, and the sunshine warmed the moor up.  Following in our August footsteps, I stomped up to Yes Tor, High Willhays and Fordsland Ledge, but instead, descended South to Lints Tor.  Its been ages since I've been here.  The last time, it had been a long return trip up the river from Meldon boxing the true left bank on the way up, right on the way down.

Lints Tor is a prominent and reconisable rock pile.  Its the iconic peak in the centre of the valley.  Many breaks have been taken in the shelter its sheer walls provided.  On my list was a selection of boxes called Clapping Over Dartmoor, and I was keen to find the set.

From Lints I paced off to Brim Brook.  I had to hurry up as the light was beginning to fail.  I say fail, but the late afternoon light was actually getting more dramatic.  The sky turned purple, red, the hillsides below turned orange.  The skyline of Northern Dartmoor a bold silhouette.

To Dinger Tor next, and the security of the military track.  If darkness fell, at least I had a handrail to follow home.
It was at Dinger Tor that I met the only other person out on the moor.  A non letterboxer, heading in the direction of Fur Tor.  A risky proposition for 4pm in Autumn.

As the sun continued to set, I scooped up the last of the Heights set from Bog Hill, passing the Okehampton Parish Bound-stone pictured.

9 miles walked and 13 boxes (plus our own 6) found.


Jill said...

You had a great weather day!

4 Winds said...

The moor at night is something special (as long as your navigation's up to it!)