I was delighted to see that, earlier this month, my blog passed 50000 page views.  A significant milestone in the life of an insignificant collection of ramblings!  Many thanks to everyone who reads my blog, and for taking an interest in Dartmoor Letterboxing.  My blog was always a bit of a self indulgence: an opportunity to form a record for my future self, as well as sharing my experiences and journeys with the World.  It has helped me to remain motivated, and keen to explore more that the park has to offer.  In the cases of the MOD plans and Mires project, it has provided a platform to share my findings.  

The blog is also a bit of a legacy for the 'The Upland Trotters', a family personal stamp which might - at some later date - make a reappearance in the Dartmoor's Letterbox visitor books...

I put this idea out there inspired by another recent momentous milestone in the lives of our family.  Last week my wife gave birth to a happy and healthy baby boy!  Our first child, and the second Cornishman (that we know of!) in the Barber clan, after my late father, John.  This one too is a sure-fire born Letterboxer - if ever I've seen one!

We'll have to give it until the Spring, at least, before my wife lets me pack him into his little carrier and take him out on the Moors.  Then I can introduce him to the joys of searching peat banks and patches of clitter around lone trees.  The heights and the scrambles of the North Moor.  The thrill of first-in-books and fleeting glimpses of deer and fox.  I hope you'll join me - through this blog - on our journey.  Exciting paths lay ahead: I cannot wait!!


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