Monday, 21 January 2019

To the Mires!

Dire forecasts of 4 weeks of snow motivated me to get out on the Moor this past weekend. In what was my first Letterboxing session since the new year, it was to the deepest South Moor that I was headed. Parking at Venford and striking out for Ryder's Hill, my destination was Fishlake Mire, vire Aune Head and Nakers Hill.

For peace and solitude these spots are unrivaled. As I sat stamping up on the grassy slopes overlooking Fishlake, I could not consider anyone other than a Letterboxed gracing this place with a visit. I stumbled on a geocache at Aune Head, so this Mire would be a little less lonely, but on the whole, and judging by visitor books, if you hate crowds, be here now.

With 8 boxes found and a welcome opportunity taken to stretch my legs and clear my head, twas a great day. The weather was kind too, saving the rain - as it did - to my final mile approaching the car.

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