Monday, 15 October 2018

A welcome return

Junior Challenger made a welcome return to Letterboxing last week with a short stroll on Bodmin Moor. I was aware of two Cornish Letterboxes on Berry Down - a 282 metre hill just North of St Neot. With hopes as high as the lofty destination, we set off through tight bridleways and dense gorse in search of these hidden Boxes. I was aware that they were last found some three years ago, but was bouyed by their easy-sounding clues, updated grid references and the sunny weather - always a gauge of success!

Junior has grown up a lot since his first Letterboxing experience at Kings Tor a year ago. However he does struggle in uneven terrain, and, as it transpired, Berry Down is really quite uneven. In fact it resembled a giant bramble patch strewn with ankle braking holes and deep grass patches, devoid of paths. This kind of undergrowth makes Letterboxing tough for anyone - let alone the under 2's. Perhaps understandably we failed to find one of the Boxes. The other, however was a total hit. Its discovery, on site and in good condition, was greeted by manic applause and cheers from Junior.  A reaction quite dissimilar to that that we've encouraged when doing litter picks together. This is reassuring, since his memories of finds at Kings Tor must be, at best, fleeting.

We disassembled the Letterbox "Wenmouth Cross" and studied the contents together. Junior got inked up before inking up the stamp, imprints were taken.  The Visitors Book (unmarked in 3 years as expected) was duly marked.  Junior helped pack it all back in the pot, and I suitably rehid it. The Letterboxing education has moved on considerably. We've now covered the long arduous walk, disappointment, perseverance, success, stamping, hiding and the triumphant return to the car.

Junior looks forward to the next Letterboxing adventure, as does Daddy.

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