Saturday, 8 October 2011

Battle plans Part II

Following on from our post 'Battle Plans' (29/09/2010), we've requested the latest Integrated Rural Management Plan via a Freedom Of Information request. This appears to be the only way to discover just what the Ministry Of Defence have planned for the moor.

A year ago, we were informed of potential development to MOD property, the relocations of flagpoles and observation posts. There were adjustments outlined as to land use, including increased use of tracked vehicles to reflect training needs of the military in Afghanistan.

The MOD were also due to invest in new environmental projects. This would undoubtedly appeal to the Prince of Wales, especially since the MOD needs to renegotiate a licence to train on Duchy property. A current 21 year licence with the Duchy expires in 2012.
The above email arrived this week. It could be the most boring outcome ever, but maybe, just maybe, there will some interesting news to bring you from this new IRMP. More as we get it.

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