Sunday, 23 October 2011

Off the beaten track

Last week, WITC followed an indistinct sheep path to the great Dartmoor Alp that is Redlake Tip. A manmade heap of china clay spoil from the early 20th century.

Approaching the works from the South West, you are faced with piles of masonry and ironwork. Signs of a Dartmoor industry which was typically hard work and short lived. As far a historical landmarks go, this is quite a prominent one.

The weather was mild and sunny. Though it was blowing a gale at home, WITC was pleasantly surprised that the wind was not compass bearing inhibitive on the moor.

We found a few letterboxes along the way. To be exact, we found 36 - every one on our list, plus a few extra! Whilst we had no first-in-books, it did go to show that we should visit this area more often, and proved that the box thief is not in control yet!

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