Saturday, 5 November 2011

Saturday, 5th November 2011

"A keen Northerly wind" was forecasted, and that is exactly what we experienced on today's walk. Starting at Blackaton Cross near Cadover Bridge, we headed due East passing Hexton Tor, Shell Top and Broadall Gulf. Our destination was the Upper river Yealm. The Upper Yealm valley is usually deserted of people, but the tinners workings, Steps and Rocks provide ample interest and subject matter for letterboxes.

As Dartmoor's rivers go, the Yealm is a pretty minor affair. Its only 12 miles long, which is short compared to the other source to sea rivers such as the Erme (17 miles), Plym (20 miles) and Teign (32 miles).

Recent rainfall has made the catchment area boggy again. The Redlake walk of the last post was notable by how dry the moor was becoming after a long Summer, but today WITC was suddenly regretting not proofing the walking boots more recently. Our climb out of the valley was proceded to the summit trig of Pen Ridge, or the un-named hill top North of Broadall Gulf. Here, the 360 degree views are as superb as you'd see anywhere on Dartmoor. From here, we surveyed the view South. A wide panorama from Burgh Island to South East Cornwall. We returned to the car following the line of HWB (Hentor Warren Bound) stones passing above Hen Tor (pictured). 13 miles covered, and 19 boxes found.

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