Monday, 7 November 2011

Monday, 7th November 2011

There are a few places on the moor that WITC has never been before. Obviously, we haven't set foot on ever square inch of every square mile - that'd be impossible - but every grid square has been covered, except one. Until today.

Standon Hill. We were keen to visit before, but had neither time or clues to justify the trip to the peak. Today was different, and with live firing not due to close Willsworthy range until tomorrow, we took our chance.

There aren't too many letterboxes to be found on Standon Hill, but there is plenty of potential. The views to the South and West are tremendous, and as you circumnavigate the Hill North and West, the grand Tavy Cleave awaits. WITC has not hid their love of this valley, and to view it from the unfamiliar East bank was extraordinary.

The mist descended during the afternoon, as the chill wind of the weekend had dropped. In fact, our walk was cut short by the lack of visibility. 7 miles covered, 12 boxes found.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures as always WITC. Particularly great shot of the Valley!