Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunday, 6th November 2011

We could only spare the afternoon this Sunday, but since walking conditions were perfect, We headed for the Newleycombe Valley, out to Older Bridge, returning via Crazywell Pool. A PDSA charity walk has been sited in a loop of the valley, but we extended the route to cover more of the Northern bank exploring the hillsides between Drivage Bottom and the Devonport Leat Aquaduct.
Parking among the crowds at Norsworthy Bridge close to the shores of Burrator Reservoir, it was in warm sunshine that we set off. The PDSA walks never fail to disappoint, and all stamps were present and correct today. We were making great progress on the route, but then made the error of deviating over Cramber Tor to Raddick Hill. Here we had far less success, and found ourselves rapidly running out of daylight. Sunset is at just 4.45pm at the moment, which feels unseasonably early!

Indeed, Summer was on our minds when we studied Burrator water levels from the road on the drive in. confirms that (as of Oct 30th) Burrator stood just 68% full (compared to 89% full at this point last year).

Our photo shows just a few of today's collection of stamps. We will endeavour to get out boxing again tomorrow.

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