Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Full grid references: The end?

A quote from the latest catalogue update:
"It is with regret that I announce a change to the way the update is presented. I will no longer give anything more than a 6 figure grid with a clue unless expressly told by the owner of the box to give anything different to this. If anyone wants their information already in the catalogue updating in this way please let me know and I will pass this on to Silvia Moore."

It appears that the letterbox thief receives the updates. Who could possibly consider entering more than 6 figure grid references once it becomes clear that only more detailed clues go missing?? Take, for example, the case of 'Christmas Around Kings Tor'. In November's catalogue update, clues for this 10 box Christmas walk were released with 8 and 10 figure grid references. A month later - with still 3 weeks to go till Christmas - they've all been stolen.

So, that is surely the beginning of the end for letterboxes with full grids. Our new Dakota 10 GPS might soon be relegated to purely navigation and emergencies. It'll be like old times. Just a compass, clues and perseverance required. I can't but feel slightly excited by the thought. Hopefully we'll see more boxes on site and more productive days letterboxing as a result.

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Jill said...

Well that should sort the letterboxing novices from the experienced old timers then!