Monday, 26 December 2011

Happy Boxing Day!

Ahhh, Boxing Day! Its better than Christmas Day, isn't it? For us, getting out on the Moor and stretching the legs is as good as Christmas. We wanted to collect Dartmoor Chris' 3 day boxes from the Combestone area, and we also has a route planned around the Happy Valley and Water Hill.

The 3 day boxes were still on site, and judging by the wear around the sites, they've been visited frequently during the holiday weekend. I express my surprise that they are still on site, since 10 figure grid references and clues in the public domain normally suggest: box thief. The stamps were 'old school' Christmas stamps - hand cut classic festive designs, with separate message and location stamps. Really nice.

The Happy Valley, South of the Warren House Inn (pictured) was damp and breezy, but we hid down here until the fog on Water Hill and Assycombe Hill cleared. Which it did in time. We had success finding boxes too. By the time we approached Caroline Farm, the full panorama was visible and since bearings were achievable, repeated our letterboxing success up to (and on one instance, into) Fernworthy Forest.

At the summit of Assycombe Hill, we looked back at Water Hill's cairn with Hookney Tor beyond, to see the only other humans on the moor today, aside from those in their cars zipping along the B3212.

Thats strange. Doesn't everyone else know its Boxing Day?

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