Up for grabs

Its been a while since whoisthechallenger has been out on the Moors, but we're still watching...

Dartmoor is booming!  WITC reads that publicity generated by the movies War Horse and the upcoming We Bought A Zoo, and by the Sherlock episode on BBC recently, mean property prices in the uplands of the South West of England are defying the downturn.  (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/property/article-2099450/The-moor-merrier-Holmes-luring-buyers-South-West-s-rugged-uplands.html)

So WITC was positively salivating to see Estate Agent Knight Frank are selling a large swathe of South Dartmoor.  An area to the South and to the West of Avon Dam including Black Tor, Dockwell Ridge, Petres Pits, Ryders Rings, Wacka Tor, to the summit of Three Barrows, is for sale.  The brochure is here: Brochure.  The 2700 acres includes "a frontage on to the River Avon...Sporting rights...Open Moorland and a ruin"  (Make that at least 2 ruins cos we think Uncle Abs House and Brentmoor House form part of the package)  Its a snip at just £600,000.

Form an orderly queue please!


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