Always the last to know

WITC ventured back on to the bright yet chilly moor with a wander around Stalldown Barrow and Stall Moor.  We were last here in October to complete a WOM walk sited to celebrate the birthday of the letterboxer known as Gemini.  In typcal fashion, we were long overdue.  The stamps had been on site for a considerable time, and we found ourselves at the back of the visitors book, scribbling in our belated birthday wishes.  Nevertheless, all the boxes were on site, and all in good condition.  This despite the 10 figure GPS references issued, and being in a popular walking area for archaeologists and the population of nearby Plymouth alike.

Proof there, should it be needed, that if you are careful what information you divulge, and who you provide your clues to, the LBT will not ruin a good walk.  As it happened, on this occasion, we did not require the 10 figure grid references.  After homing in on a couple of bearings, we located the boxes swiftly by spotting the worn areas of turf.  As pictured, the flattened grass was a giveaway!
WITC had a successful day out this time also.  Though the thermometer barely rose above freezing. Reading some weather websites, it suggests that it will remain cold for the rest of February.  
7 miles, 16 boxes found.


W.I.T.C. said…
Well, if everyone else provides a soundtrack to their posts. Tune!

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