Making money

I love  WITC loves  There are always bargains to be had on, and no, WITC does NOT work for  Other online retailers do exist.

An example of the offers available right now on Amazon include:

Ripcurl micro fleece, was £40 now £9.58:  Ripcurl Replay  Promo code: SPRING20
Karrimor KSB Orkney leather boot, was £130 now £34.32  Karrimor KSB  Promo code SPRING20
Columbia womens Venture On Omni-tech Jacket, was £100 now £24.46  Columbia womens waterproof  Promo code SPRING20

(Extra 20% off Promo codes expire 05/03/12)

However, sometimes the prices are even more surprising.  Look up Dartmoor books.  WITC already has a library of Dartmoor based literature, but Amazon are selling the familiar books at very high prices...

Jeremy Butler's Dartmoor Atlas of Antiquities Volume 4  £150  Antiquities Vol.4
Eric Hemery's High Dartmoor  from £77.80 to £179.05  Hemery's High Dartmoor
Terry Bound's A - Z Dartmoor Tors  from £36.66  A - Z Dartmoor Tors

It all made WITC think.  Since ebay's prices aren't very different, perhaps we are a rainy day and photocopier away from raising extra cash selling our copies on line!


Jill said…
Phew WITC my High Dartmoor cost £55 new - hey I've got a valuable book there!

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