Friday, 23rd March 2012

We looked out the window at home early this morning to see a thick mist, and we were understandably disappointed.  Our next hope was there would be a temperature inversion. The extraordinary phenomenon where temperatures after a cold still night, rise faster on higher ground than lower down.  It usually results in a 'sea of mist' effect, where you tend to drive from thick mist into bright sunshine at Dartmoor's boundaries.  

We ran for the computer, eagerly logging on to Dartcam ( for a live weather image from Powder Mills.  Alas, it was thick mist.  No temperature inversion today... 

By late morning, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and only the smoke of various swales obscured the view.  Indeed the smoke added to a general haze which, by the end of the day led to an amazing sunset.

A late start was called for, so we packed the boxing gear slowly, and drove to Yar Tor and Corndon.  Our route took us from Rogues Roost, South, maintaining a low contour below Yar Tor, before climbing up to and over the tor and West to the Cave-Penny memorial cross.  We rounded Corndon Tor, taking a few minutes to enjoy the view looking to Ryders Hill past Sharp Tor (pictured).  This before heading North to the cairns and the ankle-breaking clitters and thick gorse of Cathanger Rock.  We stopped by Little Boy boundary stone (pictured).  From here, it was just a short descent to Rogues Roost and back to the car. 

7 miles and 22 boxes found. 


Jill said…
Looks like you had a good walk after all WITC.

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